General Info

  • Extra-curricular Activities

    We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, here are just a few from an ever growing range:

    • Dance (ballet & Hip-hop)
    • Drama
    • Leadership Forum
    • Chess
    • Music (Piano & Guitar)
    • Spell Tech
    • Home makers club
    • Young farmers club
    • Arts & Crafts
  • CCTV

    There is CCTV in every room and outside in the playground as well as in the compound.  This eables us to make sure your child is safe throughout the day.  There is a TV monitor in both offices, so that rooms can be monitored at all times.
  • Meals

    School meals are available for parents who require the service. We promote healthy eating within the schools, and the nutritional value will be taken into consideration for the daily meals to ensure your child is having a balanced diet.
    Parents who want their children to have school meals should make it known at the school office. Menus are displayed in the reception area.
    Parents who bring their children’s meals from home should make sure the meals are cooked, and free of small bones etc. We also ask that a healthy diet is maintained by sending in nutritious fruit and vegetables as part of their meals. A ‘todays food’ form will be sent home so you can indicate what food is to be taken and which meal time.
    The school will always warm your children’s meals before consumption. We are aware of allergies and need your help in identifying such allergies on your child’s emergency form. Please inform us if your child has any allergies. An allergy lists will be posted in a discreet area for staff notice in all classrooms and in the kitchen. This is a NUT-FREE zone, so nuts and their by-products will not be served.
    Water will be provided throughout the day for all children, or you can send water with your child.
  • Parent-Teacher Review

    At the end of term, all parents will receive a report on how their child has developed over the term. There will also be a chance for parents to visit the school and talk to your child. There will also be a Progress review every half term, so you can see how your child is getting and discuss any concerns with the teacher.

  • Toys From Home

    We ask parents to make every effort to keep toys at home. However, sometimes a “comfort object” like a stuffed animal or blanket helps a child cope with a difficult transition between home and school. These items are fine. There may be days that a child has the opportunity to share a favourite item in class that correlates with a lesson plan or project. Individual teachers have the option of setting up some form of classroom “sharing time” as well.