Whiteoak School Lagos

The oak tree is renowned for its great height, age and strength. It is a symbol of endurance. The oak tree though slow at first to produce fruit as it establishes its roots, once starts it produces acorns for thousands of years. Our aim is to firmly ground our children ‘laying strong foundations so that they will produce long-lasting fruits. We aim to help children develop creativity, problem-solving skills and the ability to be resourceful. Through attending Whiteoak, they will become successful learners who have enquiring minds, think for themselves, reason, question and evaluate. In order to achieve this, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage in Acorns, Busybees, Preschool and Reception.

At Whiteoak, we implement up to date strategies to engage and  challenge staff to ensure we develop children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being, thus guaranteeing the  best outcomes, for the children placed in our care. Whiteoak has  high expectation of her staff as their development directly affects  outcomes, therefore routine up to date training is mandatory at  Whiteoak. We provide a high-quality blended curriculum consisting  of approved Nigerian & United Kingdom curriculum delivered in a  world-class learning environment.


To be the number one provider of an excellent and world-class education.


To develop students who are creative thinkers and have enquiring minds. To develop independent, innovative, knowledgeable children with a vision for a better tomorrow.

What we offer

We build foundations of excellence in our children, the school was established in 2009 and we have a ten-year record of producing well rounded children who have moved on and achieved educational feats.

School Programs

Our  classes follow the national curriculum of England and Wales with some emphasis placed on the Nigerian curriculum as this is our host country. Mrs Oniru (founder and Director) trained in the UK and attends regular seminars in the UK in order to keep abreast of new developments in the Early Years and primary Curriculum. You will find all of our Policies and Procedures in this handbook. This ensures that the organisation can run smoothly, and allows parents and staff to work in partnership. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or Email.


3 month to 23 months

Busy Bees

2 years

Pre school

3 years

Reception class

4 years


5 to 11years

School Facilities

Whiteoak School offers up to date Nigerian and British curriculum to help in the complete development of the child.

Coupled with the most contemporary teaching facilities and equipment we ensure every child is well thought.

We offer STEAM activities to help sharpen the young minds of our pupils as they grow older.


Plot 118, Block 15 Jasper Ike street Oniru, Lekki Lagos

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 5PM